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Goal VZW Tevda
-The non-profit organization Tevda strives to realize freedom, justice, freedom of expression and democracy for the I urds worldwide. Also stimulating activities for human rights from Belgium, through its media channel and in correspondence with journalists and activists within and outside Belgium.
•Organizing conferences, political debates and meetings with the politicians and activists related to the Kurd cause inside and outside Belgium.
•Tevda publishes through its media channels: news, articles and reports about the Kurds worldwide. The sources of the reports come from freelancers Tevda works with, who send their reports and articles to Tevda.

In case of human rights violations, Tevda VZW works together with these human rights organizations to strengthen the interests of human rights.
• The VZW Tevda publishes reports and messages from the freelancers related to the Kurdish political situation and anti-corruption activities. Tevda maintains an anti-corruption policy through its media channels and guarantees transparency.
•The non-profit organization Tevda works together with NGOs to protect the lives of journalists and activists, inside and outside Belgium.
•The non-profit organization Tevda also wants to hold debates on Kurdish affairs by Belgian and Kurdish intellectuals and activists.
•Connect with NGOs and Ingos to collaborate and share experiences.
• To put more spotlight on the case of Kurdish oppressed women and give Kurdish women the opportunity to contact feminist organizations to exchange experiences.

•Establishing a website and media channels under the same name, Tevda, and its own following website (https://www.tevdapress.com) to bring the program and the ideas behind it. Through this route the organization wants to establish as many contacts as possible with all kinds of organizations and individuals.
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The non-profit organization has been established for an indefinite period

General meeting
Observers may attend the General Assembly and may address the General Assembly with the consent of the President.
-The annual meetings of the Ordinary General Assembly will be held during the last month of the calendar year at the registered office or a place specified in the invitation. The invitation will be sent to all active members at least 15 days prior to the date of the General Meeting by e-mail to the e-mail address that the active member has most recently provided to the President.
-The meetings are convened by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. A draft agenda is attached to the invitation, in which every item that is introduced by at least 2 directors or that was made by at least 1/20 of the active members at least 10 days before the meeting is placed on the agenda.
-Special meetings in an Extraordinary General Assembly may be convened by the President as well as at the request of at least 1/5 of all active members. The invitation will be sent at least 15 days in advance
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